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STAR TREK 2012 New world Order in 1967 Capt Kirk tells us how to beat the NWO

adam3176 asked:

here are the aliens. www.youtube.com the families are farnese borgia breaspear aldobrandini Orsini medici www.youtube.com NOT MY VIDEO... Looking for owner. I ripped this video dont thank me.. ;) TEMP agencies are created to take more money for your work.. By Putting them in the middle OF YOU and work. just like everything else they are doing.. EVERYTHING is connected.. Employment agencies steal from you.. they create a need for them then they come back in and FUND temp agencies to take 2-4 dollars for every hours you work... Then they tax your check,,. then tax you agian to spend it.. then they tax you for living. THEN they take all the food away and starve everyone.. Its all be design. Look at the whole picture.. Its all a huge scam. they will Enslave you will temp agencies. Stop listening to promises they will never keep. How to stop the New world order. startrek style.Haarp Scailer Dead fish dead birds BEBE arkasas Mississippi. FEMA New madrid faultline. Earthquake Volcanos Weather changers Bird kill. Death ray. Media end times. The globalaists. Drill. we are in trouble Dead. reset world. 90% Depopulation vaccine shots militia Civil war... 2012 Solar storm Fraud. Killer sunspots. millions billions trillions rockefeller world order secreat weapons cia bio weapons. BP OIL SPILL Ammo test CFR Bilderberg