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Big drugs conspiracy

NTVKenya asked:

www.ntv.co.ke What is the US government's interest in the fight against drug trafficking in Kenya? Why is it so vocal today about it? Why is it so willing to help Kenya rid itself of the drugs scourge? Well, today it may seem like the US governments actions against Kenyans alleged to be drug kingpins is recent, but its not. In fact, the US's dissatisfaction with the fight against drug crime began some time back, ironically, around the same time that Kenyan authorities netted what was at the time, the biggest drug haul in Africa. 1.1 tonnes of cocaine, with a street value then, of 6.5 billion shillings. And looking back, it seems that this bust set the tone for the fight against the drug trade in Kenya, but not in the way you'd expect. John-Allan Namu takes a look back.