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Michael Jackson was a Satanist and Illuminati Puppet Part 1 of 4

AprilandWayneShow asked:

Michael Jackson was a Satanist and His music is Satanic. Please renounce his music and all secular music (the devils music) Repent and follow Jesus Christ. (video by daughter) I saw michael Jackson john lennon selena in Hell Testimony: www.youtube.com AprilandWayneShow Website: www.aprilandwayneshow.com Craig Lews "Michael Jackson devil worshipper" video www.youtube.com Michael Jackson was demonic because he sold his sould to the devil. Michael Jackson was already talented, but satan enhanced his gift even more. And satan gave him power to cast spells on the audience with satanic signs (in the same way he gave Jay Z the "triangle" or diamond" symbol) such as "devil horns" and "666" signs. But Michael did them so fast so no one noticed. And you were usually too distracted by a dance move he was doing to notice. Michael was a magician and illusionist and he spellbound his fans so they would love him and buy his records. If you look very very close you will see Michael Jackson making satanic signs in almost every song. Footage: 1996 World Music Awards Earth song Earth Song live Royal Brunei Beat it Billie Jean Watch Angelica Zambrano and Emmanuel Agyarko testimony for more info on Michael Jackson and satanism. Also Pastor Craig Lewis. April and Wayne Show