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Michael Jackson Didn’t Die.HE WAS MURDERED!!

IASTAR asked:

MURDERS BY THE ILLUMINATI.. lets get one thing clear here.. this is in response to a video DEENA posted.. wit the same title.. i took off the RE: part of the title for my own reasons... now if you know me, which you youtubers do not.. I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON. i have been a fan since a small child... and when i say small i mean before 5... ask any person in my family about michael jackson and the first thing they gon say is... michelle used to be in loooooveeeee with michael jackson.. i am sad and upset that he is gone... people he just set up a tour and has sold out dates in london!!! if he was sick would he have done this? this is sudden and tragic and people should be asking questions is all i am saying... please watch all my videos to get insight on other things..... thank you.. and thanks to the haters and youtube for tamperin with my videos... shows i am on the right path with this truth movement!!! WAKE UP AND SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH... PLEASE VERIFY ANYTHING YOU SEE HEAR OR READ FROM ME OR ANYONE ELSE... KNOWLEDGE IS KEY!