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JFK Ritual Sacrifice In Your Face

peyotecactus asked:

Illuminati ritual symbolism in Kennedy assassination and contemporary building (Fountain Place) visible from the kill zone designed by the same architect IM Pei, that brought France the Brotherhood Pyramid in front of the Louvre. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT US FOLKS! The Warren commision was a Shriners convention without the little motorcycles. Kennedy warned us about secret society influence but he didn't have a chance against the real power in America.

Inagina: The Last House of Iron – PREVIEW

docued asked:

Purchase: www.der.org Swiss archaeologist Eric Huysecom and cameraman Bernard Augustoni work with 13 master smelters to recreate the building of a traditional furnace for smelting iron in Mali. There has not been any traditional iron smelting in Africa since the 1960's, in part due to the importing of cheaper substitutes. The building of the furnaces and the work involved in the actual production is deeply entwined with ritual, symbolism and gender. This film describes in great detail every aspect of the event, from the selection of the site of the reconstruction - which is the oldest remaining furnace site in the region, last active in 1961 - to the final result. This is an important film for African Studies, Archaeology, Religion, Ritual, Technology and Gender. a film by Eric Huysecom, (Geneva) and Bernard Augustoni distributed by Documentary Educational Resources