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The 2012 NWO Agenda 1/16

FromBabelToIreland asked:

Part 1/16 of: The 2012 NWO Agenda ~ Your World IS Changing by nibirushock / frombabeltoireland. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do Your Own Research: www.911myths.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All 16 videos may freely be copied and distributed with credit to nibirushock. :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ** Download first 13 parts here: www.megaupload.com ** Unpack file with winrar: www.rarlab.com ** Download part 14-16 here: (The Bluebeam Generation part 2-4) www.megaupload.com www.megaupload.com www.megaupload.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Watch series online: Part 1/16 - www.youtube.com Part 2/16 - www.youtube.com Part 3/16 - www.youtube.com Part 4/16 - www.youtube.com Part 5/16 - www.youtube.com Part 6/16 - www.youtube.com Part 7/16 - www.youtube.com Part 8/16 - www.youtube.com Part 9/16 - www.youtube.com Part 10/16 - www.youtube.com Part 11/16 - www.youtube.com Part 12/16 - www.youtube.com Part 13/16 - www.youtube.com Part 14/16 - www.youtube.com Part 15/16 - www.youtube.com Part 16/16 - www.youtube.com ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * The New One Religion World Order Platform Foundation by 2012/2013 * The downfall of the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights * The rise of the United Nations (UN) and NATO under the false guise of 'Peace and Security' * The finishing of the New Global Tower of Babel * The Occult Scientific double mission of NASA * The Trilogy of NATO's ...

Fox News: Atheists vs 9/11 Memorial Cross

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10 years later and still just squabbling over religion. we have learned nothing, which is no big surprise... i have a lot going on in my personal life that i think many people may find entertaining. if you're interested in subscribing to my email blog, send a dollar to paypal email c0ct0pus@hotmail.com with a note that it's for the blog. you'll get them emailed to you as they come out (i'll try to do at least one a week), and you'll get any that came out before you subscribed so you can catch up.

Darkness is good not evil, and outside the system of control?

psychic illuminati

The system of control, is a system of people who rule by force, to control and bully people with fear and deception; they are like the bad guys in the Matrix, the government and religion...
They are the ones that make you fear the unknown (darkness), for those that fear the dark and fooled into keeping safe with what they know; and that way they will never discover the truth which is that they are slaves to the system of control.

In the light, we see what we know, we feel safe; and yet we are pushed to get up for work when we are too tired, following orders and addressing management as sir with ties and a suit.
We are abused with our rights taken away, made to do everything in cycles every single day;

...getting up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep...
...getting up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep...
...getting up, going to work, coming home, going to sleep...
and on and on and on

We think we are getting somewhere but we are really chasing our tales, because we are generating all things that the controlling people want. We do not realize that we are slaves.
Everything that they tell us is propaganda and lies, telling us it is good, not lazy and holy.
They threaten us with punishment, death or pain; to make us feel intimidated to everything they say, like fascists.

If you have heard of the Illuminati, the 'New world order' and conspiracies, you will know what I mean.

If you try to tape record abuse, they lie and say it is illegal; as this is designed to scare you away from getting them into trouble; thus it gives them grounds to control you with more abuse that you cannot prove.
This is an example of why such laws exist, and you should question what you know about the fact it makes no sense.

In the unknown is chaos, no control systems, and it is mysterious. The paranormal, psychic power and so on are good examples of things beyond the known.
They are outside of our awareness and can only be discovered through exploration.

For chaos means free will, right to individuality (not formal dressing), expression of personality, freedom and most importantly above all...
Love... for love allows freedom, individuality and free will, as no bullying and abuse can take place.

Knowing this we should realize that the way that we live can be bettered through, exploration, innovation, experimentation and engineering; through probing the unknown and pushing back the boundaries with our abilities, to go further than ever gone before.
This is progress, this is an adventure, this is the way to become a better person.

For here we will one day learn we are capable of far more than we ever dreamed, far more than we can currently comprehend, far more than science knows, far more than what the teachers tell you at school.
The problems that seem impossible to solve, because they say "that's just the way it is", are problems that only have no answers until we find solutions.

I have found I can do things which I never knew I could do, and we can continue doing so to infinity; like I have scientific proof of life after death.

I am an engineer!

Come with me into the darkness and explore, progress and prosper forever more!

Do you agree, don't be afraid?

Snow Man
Tell me what you think?

Inagina: The Last House of Iron – PREVIEW

docued asked:

Purchase: www.der.org Swiss archaeologist Eric Huysecom and cameraman Bernard Augustoni work with 13 master smelters to recreate the building of a traditional furnace for smelting iron in Mali. There has not been any traditional iron smelting in Africa since the 1960's, in part due to the importing of cheaper substitutes. The building of the furnaces and the work involved in the actual production is deeply entwined with ritual, symbolism and gender. This film describes in great detail every aspect of the event, from the selection of the site of the reconstruction - which is the oldest remaining furnace site in the region, last active in 1961 - to the final result. This is an important film for African Studies, Archaeology, Religion, Ritual, Technology and Gender. a film by Eric Huysecom, (Geneva) and Bernard Augustoni distributed by Documentary Educational Resources


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How probable is that UFO’s or alien life forms helped kick start religious beliefs?

worship ufo

Religion historically as we know it began with astrology. Sun and moon worship, light and day, good and evil.

How probable is that humans looked to the stars for answers because of witnessing UFO or aliens in some form or another?

Some religious and non religious illustrations hundreds and thousands of years old.

Conspiritus – Part 1 (old version)

NufffRespect asked:

information about historical events, people and prophecies, etc. Many people misinterpret my point of view and they try to pigeon-hole me into a group - such as atheist, or christian, or whatever. I don't like labels like this, and I don't like belief-systems that people buy into. If I had to choose a label then I would say that I am an agnostic - this means I believe in a creator but I don't agree that you have to follow some religion in order to gain approval from our creator. All I want ...

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