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Antichrist Illuminati New World Order Agenda 2012 Exposed

solarsoul2012 asked:

Last time I uploaded this video, youtube blocked it and terminated my account. Why? Because they don't want you to know the truth. This video is not mine. If I am infringing anyones copyrights, please let me know and I will remove it. 911- www.youtube.com hurricane katrina- www.youtube.com oil spill- www.youtube.com oklahoma bombings-www.youtube.com v=7V1FC8B2Hxw&feature=fvst waco siege-www.youtube.com columbia-www.youtube.com prince william- www.youtube.com v=GT34cIASFqM WW3- www.youtube.com I would like to invite you to allow Jesus Christ to be your best friend. He was born of God, which means He was God made into flesh. He did this so that we can have that one-on-one connection with Him and us. Sin separated us from Him, and the only way this could happen again, was for God to send His Son Jesus Christ as an eternal sacrifice for ALL our sins. You may not believe He exists, but that's ok, because we all have to come to a point of realization that the only way we can find God, is by talking to Him. How do we talk to Him? Through prayer! Prayer means Talking to God, it's our way we communicate to Him. When Jesus Christ died for our sins, it gave us that open door to talk to God AND hear from Him too. Ask Him to be made real in your life, and you better watch out, because when you ask God that, He will answer back. Bottom line, we're all going to leave this earth one day, and tomorrow is not promised, so why waste another minute "just existing"? He's there for you, when ...