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How would be this chinese psychic attack defeated?

psychic attack

Last year I entered my 60th birthday.
That's the approved life span by the ancient chinese "wise".
It was the year of the firedog, (Iám not chinese but USA citizen) - but I have had two kitchen stove fires
without a fireextinguisher usualy fatal, but I have it.
And my SSI check was also stopped with no acceptable reason, still about to get it back.

Does anyone know what a psychic attack is?

psychic attack

I have heard so many people mention this lately. I have asked a few people and as near as I can figure is that it has to do with one psychic attacking another psychic or one of their family members mentally in order to gain something like knowledge or ability. Is this what it really is?

Psychic attack?

psychic attack

All of a sudden I get this horrible thoughts that I´m becoming crazy. They are really strong and I cannot control them. It seems that I get this spirit that wants to enter my body and make me think compulsively about something negative. What is this? How can I prevent this from happening?
I suffer from depression and anxiety. I am receiving psychiatric help. I am taking Cymbalta (for depression) and Zyprexa (for psychotic symptoms)