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What Is The Illuminati ? – Illuminati Nedir ?

Illuminati Members asked:

VISIT MY BLOG FOR MORE INFORMATION ON "WHAT IS THE ILLUMINATI?": membersofilluminati.blogspot.com A lot of people keep asking the question; " What is the Illuminati " so in reply to that, hopefully this video will help to answer some of your questions. membersofilluminati.blogspot.com What is the Illuminati or Illuminati Nedir

The 9/11 Memorial Cross

Electricpraise777 asked:

This is my first topic of discussion, and it is concerning the 9/11 Memorial cross and a group of atheists wanting to have it removed. I am not picking a side here, I am just stating what I think is fair. This discussion has nothing to do with faith or religion, just the importance of the cross to the people that do want it to stay.

Kevin Trudeau’s Debt Cures Book Review

comperio asked:

www.debtcuresreviews.com - Debt Cures is Kevin Trudeau's latest book in his line of "Cures" they don't want you to know about series. Since millions of people are in debt and want to get out I decided to start a Debt Cures review site and post a review. Here is the book arriving that cost $11.95 for shipping and handling.

Jordan Maxwell Strikes at the NWO pick your side!

Earthlasthope2 asked:

This piece shows more proof that our leaders want a NWO... It will NEVER be a good thing... Too much power given to wrong people creates mass genocide. It creates WAR. Stand and fight with the EDF. We are building momentum. People like Jordan Maxwell are VERY important...Listen to them and try to back them for as long as you can before they are killed like William Cooper God bless your soul William....RIP

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Illuminati members? Satanic rituals? Satanic hand signs?

TRUTHblade777 asked:

It's a war for your mind right now. This is real intense spiritual times we are in. Keep an open mind and educate yourself. Tupac was eliminated by the Illuminati for his stance against them. Don't think this is real? www.youtube.com Millions's involved, educate yourself? www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Tupac's death? www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Illuminati's plans for us: www.youtube.com Jay Z's ties with Illuminati: www.sharethetruth.tv DO MORE RESEARCH ON YOUTUBE PEOPLE. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Illuminati members? Satanic rituals? Satanic hand signs?