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Alex Jones – Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1

tygressjanie asked:

Alex Jones - Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1 of 12 This is the infamous bohemian grove crashing by Alex Jones in it's entirety. Watch the film from start to finish as Alex goes on the trip to Bohemian Grove and documents the journey there. He interviews people on the street about their take on the subject, and sits in for the "party," an occult pagan ritual carried out by our so-called "leaders" who perform a "mock" sacrifice to a giant statue of an owl.

Is the *occult* a real religion? or is it just a conspiracy* theory?

occult conspiracy

You know, satanism or all this stuff about the *new world order...is it real?
And is it true that they practice eugenics, for like selective breeding and ethnic cleansing?
*They*, talking about people who practice the occult or satanism.
Actually, I don't watch much TV, especially not fictional.

EXPOSED-Illuminati/Luciferian/Masonic/Occult Hollywood-

111TRUTH111 asked:

The film is "Blast from the Past" starring Christopher Walken,Alicia Silverstone & Brendan Fraser The symbolism is the same as ALL major Hollywood films. Three 666 subliminals,countless Sun, pyramid and eye symbolism,Masonic symbols and more,no coincidences here..EVERY SCENE carries symbolism significant to the Illuminati in some way. The scene with Blackboard could not be more obvious to anyone,the truth in plane view people. If this is the first film on the illuminati/Masonic control and ...

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