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Dream14 Ft Rio – (Four Twenty) 420 (Music Video)

Eqwan90 asked:

This video was shot By Chynna Doll, Produced by Dream14 All under 24 hours Dream14 Ft Rio - 420 (Four Tweenty) Hip Hop trio based out of NC NEW!!! Follow @OfficalDream @Tyblue814 @NuttyOnTheTrack @Eqwan_Jp @Rio_Debarge Dream14 420 Dream14 4-20 4-20-11 4/20 Four Twenty UFO UFO Jerusalem UFO NWO ILLUMINATI Wiz Khalifa Big Sean Comedy Lil B Tyler The Creator

HAARP WEATHER CONTROL could be part of NWO DEPOPULATION PLAN, here’s the science.

seattle4truth asked:

I put this video together to show proof that US and Russia has been building and using weather control stations for many years. The US has 5 of these stations around the world now. Here's the whole History Channel program: www.youtube.com

2012 – Everything on Earth Changes Documentary Part 2/3

SCIENCE2012USA asked:

2012 - Everything on Earth Changes Documentary Part 2/3 new-world-order-plan.org Illuminati Freemason Antichrist Conspiracy NWO "2012 illuminati" "2012 illuminati deutsch" "2012 illuminati plan" "2012 weltuntergang deutsch" "2012 weltuntergang doku" "2012 weltuntergang islam"...