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Justin Bieber Satan’s Satanic Distraction

savedbyjesusblood asked:

Satan will use anyone to draw them to themselves away from the true living God. At this time, Satan is using Justin Bieber to draw millions of young minds away from God to the false belief that Justin Bieber and his music are important. Only the things of God are important. May people turn from their idolatrous ways back to the living God. I hope the young man Justin gets saved one day, and can use his music to bring God glory instead of Satan.

911 memorial Piece 10 years later

Producer175 asked:

Moved by what happen on 911 2001, and so saddened by what happened, I put this short piece together on The events that took place on September 11th, 2001 and how the nation responded to the music of Vangelis is what this memorial piece is all about. I ask one simple question to all: What have We learned.

Exile – 01 Ignorant Is What You Are

ExileThrasher asked:

The first track from the Jordanian thrash metal band EXILE. Lyrics: (Verse one) Media and the ignorance it brings Heads are full with none-sense like shit in a sink TV screen seizes you can't even go to piss Truth you're looking for covered there is a missing link (Verse two) Devastation and Civilization become one Meanings of murderers and innocents are gone What's wrong and right is your present problem Supplying and increasing your stupidity level (Pre-chorus) Commercialized your life now is ready to be sold Canning your mind inside the electric red box (Chorus) Ignorant is what you are X4 (Verse three) Breaking into your very mind Brainwashing, blinding your sight You're living in a state of illusion Killing you alive for them is the solution (Pre-chorus) (Chorus) Exile released their first demo album and its called " Dead Thrashers Rising". Track list : 01 Ignorant Is What You Are 02 Dead Thrashers Rising 03 Killing Storm 04 Living Hell Check out our music and tell us what do you think about it. Thrash Rise www.myspace.com/exilethrashers

Illuminati Symbolism: It’s Everywhere

NsaneSk8er007 asked:

music is New World Order By So Out There. This symbolism is a slap to the face for the people of the world. A handful of elitists infect the system with these symbols as well as corporations and every day products. I'm not saying that none of these are coincidence as some of them likely are, I am just begging the question, are they deliberate? Next time you come across these occult symbols ask yourself, why is this being plastered all over the world by rich corporations and being displayed ...

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