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Scientology, the CIA & MK ULTRA (Illuminati Mind Control)

Narsimhadev020 asked:

L Ron Hubbard, a one time member of Aleister Crowely's Masonic OTO, is the founder of the Church of Scientology an insidious mind control cult with links to ...

[P2/2] WORLD-WIDE MIND CONTROL, 9/11, 911, a prolonged psyOp.

albatross234 asked:

The stress that people around the world have been subjected to is beyond understanding. But we have to realize the perps are playing for the WHOLE ENCHILADA., which to them, justifies every murder they commit. Every murder of the "little people.".

Mind control murder

Klatuu17985 asked:

A staff sergeant murders civilians... an airplane captain goes berserk.... mind control

John Lennon

Kelly Hawkins asked:

John Lennon was a mind control murder victim

Alex Jones Says That Tragic Shooting Was a Mind Control Conspiracy and He’s Not to Blame

Alex Jones asked:

Well, here we go again. A tragic event occurs and Alex is telling everyone that it was a government staged "false flag" event manufactured so the New World Order can "take yeeer guns". Nice one, Alex. Real nice. Oh, and Alex also claims that the shooting will be blamed on him because the CIA or whoever will plant stuff on the lunatic psychopath's computer implicating Jones and his batshit insane conspiracy show. Well, Alex if you turn out to be correct about that -- and I wouldn't be half surprised if this mental case did watch Alex Jones -- then that whole 'Joker incident' will be a bit, erm, embarrassing, won't it?

THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Why the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson (Part 9) (HD)

The2008Don asked:

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Self Hypnosis – Mind Control (No Voice)

yukiyusei0 asked:

Best if viewed full screen,and if everything is turned off but this. No distractions. Try being alone before you start this. You can't get hypnotized if you don't want to,or don't allow yourself to. Criticism is welcome to help me with future vids. Thank you.

The Arrivals pt 03 Children’s Mind Control

chubs4u asked:

The Arrivals pt 03 Children's Mind Control

Self Hypnosis – Mind Control

DreamWeavingHypnosis asked:

My first hypnosis video. Ever wanted to feel like you are being controlled into doing tasks? This video is for you. Please also comment saying how it felt and what happened

Nathan Blaszak – Covert Hypnosis & Mind Control

BlaszakLifeTricks asked:

Nathan Blaszak, certified hypnotherapist and Author of How to Hypnotize Anyone Without Getting Caught program, creates a hypnosis mind movie so you can obtain specific results he has used to generate personal and professional success socially. For more information and more free mind control training, go to www.ApplyHypnosis.com