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Puritanism and Pornography: “Power Over” versus “Power With” IN STEREO!

TheRiseofEros asked:

Check FULL SCOOP at my site: www.TheRiseofEros.Com Sorry, guys that I look so bloody serious in a lot of these videos. We shot them all in one day for 12 hours. It was my window of opportunity, so "not perfect but good enough" will have to do. My Videos are a WAKE-UP CALL about: ...how we are being DUMBED DOWN related to one of the most powerful and potentially AWESOME of human experiences: how we see human beauty, human sexuality and intimate relationship. I distinguish between healthy erotica and pornography. One is about I-and-Thou. The other is about I-and-It. We can see ourselves, our bodies, our hearts, our partners, and others as an "It". WAKE-UP CALL regarding THE MEDIA -- The masses... - thanks to the efforts of many including Dan Brown, Michael Moore, Kevin Trudeau, Alex Jones, and David Wilcock... - are now waking up to the fact that "The Authorities" (elite, illuminati, new world order) have a "MEDIA AGENDA" that is not acting in our best interests as human beings. The Nazis proliferated pre-fascist Germany with pornography under the guise of "Sexual Liberation" because they knew undermined the humanity and community of human beings. The reason Human Sexuality has always been UNDER ATTACK... from PURITANISM (shaming silence) OR PORNOGRAPHY (seductive objectification and impersonalization of sex) ... is that both DISCONNECT US from the tender, real connection, spirit part of sex... that can GIVE HUMAN BEINGS INCREDIBLE POWER of love and of beauty and hence of ...