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2012 Prophecy Apocalypse And The End Of The World David Icke, John Major Jenkins, George Noory

serpentandthesun asked:

Will 2012 mark be the end of the world? Have we been warned? Is the Mayan calendar a warning sign? In this riveting documentary, filmmaker Shaahin Cheyene explores the mysteries of 2012. This extraordinary film contains a rare and never before seen interviews with renowned Aztec medicine man Ehekateotl, about the true meaning of 2012. 2012 Prophecy explores the truth, lies, myths and possibilities that surround this date. Learn from the source and find how you can discover what you can do to not only survive in challenging times, but to thrive. Contains interviews with experts like Shaahin Cheyene and Daniel Pinchbeck. www.aztecsecretpower.com

EPC – Christmas Conspiracy 08 Pt 2 – What’s It All About – message.flv

pastorhoward67 asked:

Eagle Pointe Church - Acworth, GA - This year our church is celebrating Christmas in a radically different way. Pastor Howard is challenging everyone to not buy gifts this year or drastically cut back on gifts this year. Rather than spend a bunch of money on material things we are helping people in Bohol, Philippines to have food, water, clothes, medicine, immunizations, and bathrooms - all of which are very scarce there.