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December 20, 2012 – Chemtrails are Killing Children over Antelope Valley, Los Angeles, California

Manny Rivers vs. Chemtrails asked:

Chemtrails are killing far more children than any one man could ever. The Connecticut shooter was a moron, obviously, he will face God's judgement, but his crime is a grain of salt in comparison to OUR GOVERNMENT SPRAYING US WITH TOXIC CHEMICALS AND HEAVY METALS. LOOK UP AND WAKE UP. Fact: You are being sprayed by jet aircraft under the United Nations mandate "Agenda 21". Who: The United Nations What: Is attempting to depopulate the planet by 90% When: Right now Where: Every United Nations country, including Russia, China, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc, etc. Why: The leaders of the Nations worship satan. (Seriously, research the Bohemian Grove) How: Through disease, famine, drought, geo-engineered storms and earthquake catastrophes; all of which Chemtrails are to blame for. A video documentary of the chemtrail operation over the Antelope Valley, Los Angeles County, California. Please watch "what in the world are they spraying?" and "why in the world are they spraying?" on YouTube for answers to those questions. To protect yourself from the effects of chemtrails, one should be aware of their surroundings. Just because it is clear above you doesn't mean you are safe. Look where the wind is blowing in from, that is where they will be spraying. Also, look toward a familiar distant area, such as a mountain range. If it is smoky white, than chemtrail residue is likely the culprit, unless there is a fire nearby which is causing this. Remember, some chemtrails do not fall for 24 ...