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One World (The Dogs Of War with JFK)

cordero327 asked:

Video # 4. Tried to put it all together. Great Pink Floyd tune. Love the JFK speech. I like how it meshes. Some Stanley Kubrick. I like the Network shots. And David Dees is awesome stuff. Had way more logos lol. My best effort at a Pink Floyd Illuminati style video using Movie Maker. August, 2010. Cheers

911 Illuminati Ritual p1

lordgracie asked:

The real truth of the secret ancient rituals used bye the world leaders. 100% real conspiracy facts! Beware, the truth hurts! If you watch this video, then you will find out the truth behind the red pill. These are "all new facts" researched and released in 2009. The video is free to share for educational purposes only. All logos, and pictures are copyrighted by their owners. Free to all to view and learn the truth.