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Barium in the Blood: Chemtrails? Version no music

Gianluca Zanna asked:

For Media: this version has no music over the interviews. About 3 months ago a Mohave County Resident, Mr. Alan Di Cicco, after feeling very ill for a long time, he did test his blood for Barium, Aluminum and other toxic metals. His blood test results were alarming. The maximum levels according to Labcore labs for the BARIUM (a toxic element) is 2 and Quest Labs is 10... Mr. Di Cicco levels were 150!! 1500% above the maximum levels! After witnessing the last few years an abnormal traffic of low flight unidentified jets leaving trails that do not disappear, Mr. Di Cicco made some researches and learned about "chemtrails" and "weather modification". Independents labs test by KSLA news it confirms Barium in chemtrails! After learning from Mr. Di Cicco's barium results, other residents from Mohave County (Kingman, Golden Valley), and also Phoenix and Texas did the same test for Barium and Aluminum.The results were shocking. Mr. Di Cicco results were not an anomaly. 12 more people tested for Extremely high levels of Barium in their blood. For full details and copies of the Blood tests go to ExposeChemtrails.com