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OSMAN pt.1 (Templars Revenge)

TheDrfreemason asked:

This Series Explores the Tragic Events since 9-11. The stepping stones are in place for the New World Order and why Islam is always targeted. This series will explain it all. PS Towards the end there is a small glitch, I hope you still can understand by listening.Also there are some spelling errors.the next episode, there will no spelling errors.

Islam – Catholic Ties, And Use of Illuminati Symbols: Part 5

WhereIsTruth asked:

the All Seeing Eye of Ra that is found, not only in Catholic Churches, but also in the Islamic countries. Have you ever wonder what the supposed "Sacred Geometry" symbol that is in, and around Mosques are? It is actually an ancient Illuminati symbol. It is called the "Flower of Life" and comes from ancient Egypt. The videos I post are not to hurt or offend anyone. Nor, am I trying to destroy your faith in Most Merciful. Their purpose is to expose the lies and deliver a Message of Truth. " ...