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American Propaganda and Societal Orientation

bootleggersouth asked:

Judging by the multitudinous anti-American sentiment expressed on YouTube, it is plausible to conclude that American propaganda is failing to enchant---to control the hearts and minds of---much of humanity. This is because America, as could be expected of a consumerist society much engrossed with trivial concerns, is failing to present---and possibly even to conceive of---itself in the epic context of natural competition, and therefore is not invoking to full extent the primal energies of its supporters and would-be supporters. Sentiments expressed on such formats as YouTube may not--at this point--reflect mainstream perception, but they are surely to effect mainstream thinking. In fact, such formats may well be the hot houses of future consensus opinion. Those who do not plant now will starve later. American appeals for such concerns as humanitarianism, democracy and economic conductivity no doubt find positive reception within many, yet such concerns do not speak to the primal hunger within every psyche to wage life as an epic struggle of attainment---the primary evolutionary drive by which all living things are empowered. All living things struggle for dominance and compete for resources. Moral concerns and intellectual arguments arise, both consciously and unconsciously, as justifications for the host entity to exude as much dominance as possible. This primal energy has no doubt been muted to engender obedience and placidity within the general population of our ...