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Neal Davis discusses what you need to know about drug cases

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houstoncriminalattorney.com : Conspiracy is also a common charge in controlled substance cases. This is because drug conspiracy can be easier for the prosecutor to prove than possession, distribution, or delivery of illegal drugs. Specifically, all that is required to prove a conspiracy, such as a drug conspiracy, is an agreement to commit a crime along with an overt act carrying out the agreement.Because of the special challenges of drug cases, including the complexity of search and seizure law and of forfeiture, it is especially important to hire a qualified drug defense lawyer.Neal was a lawyer for over ten years with legendary Texas criminal defense attorney Dick DeGuerin, where Neal established an outstanding reputation in his own right. At the Houston law office of Dick DeGuerin, Neal defense of drug cases ranging from simple possession to complex conspiracies. Neal is among an elite group of Texas lawyers who are both Board Certified, Criminal Law--Texas Board of Legal Specialization and in the College of the State Bar of Texas. An authority no less than the State Bar of Texas explains why you should choose a Board Certified Houston criminal lawyer.