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Truthiracy2 asked:

Part 1 of Red Rum Murder by Truthiracy Films 2010 Red Rum backwards is Murder!. Hollywood pedophile movies and shocking truths about famous stars like Brittany Murphy, and the government DARE program. learn hidden secrets about Adam John Walsh, JonBenét Ramsey, the Amber Alert. Take a new look at murderer Hunter S. Thompson AKA Gonzo, and his relationship with the Discovery Channel's pedophile report on Child trafficking in Washington DC , called the Conspiracy Of Silence, which was suppressed by the US Congress, but someone kept a copy as proof and you can watch it on the internet. This video was made to expose the satanic pedophile agenda of the Illuminati. Researched by Christopher C. Lord, Truthiracy, House of Wisdom.i

Freemason/Illuminati Movies,TV Shows,Music,Videogames exposed Part 1 of 8

1killuminati asked:

The Freemasons/Illuminati (secret society) controls Hollywood,Media and the Government. watch (on YouTube): - Martial Law 911 - Loose Change 2nd Edition - 911 Hidden in Hollywood search Illuminati and New World Order on YouTube or Google Also watch 911 Hidden in Hollywood Masonic/Illuminati Movies exposed