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UFO Shot Down!

ryanuk1981 asked:

UFO Shot down to earth in battlefield bad company 2!! It appears we have more to worry about then the enemy soldier,Have you had any "encounters" online? Extra tags (ignore)~ yt:quality=high definition hauppauge hdpvr sony vegas playstation acr m16 tar 21 f2000 m4a1 scar h ak47 fal...

Illuminati, Music Industry and WHY MICHAEL JACKSON WAS KILLED – High Definition Part 1

FarhanK501 asked:

Gregory says he asked Jackson when the last time he ate was, because he didn't look well, and that Jackson told him -- quote -- "They're trying to poison me." He asked him when he last drank water, and he said Jackson told him again -- quote -- "They're trying to kill me." - transcripts.cnn.com...

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