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Chemtrails – neuartige Beweise! – Aufforderung zur Stellungnahme

Werner Altnickel asked:

Zum Film erreichten uns einige Fragen und Kritiken bezüglich der Beweisführung. Unsere Erklärung hierzu finden Sie unter www.chemtrail.de Schicken Sie uns Ihre Erfahrungen / Ihre Korrespondenz mit öffentlichen Institutionen und Verbänden zum Thema Chemtrails unter reaktionen@chemtrail.de Diskussion zu obigem Film beim Symposium:www.chemtrail.de Videos zum Thema Feststehende Wolken: www.youtube.com HAARP ELF wave clouds over Japan skies www.youtube.com Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: www.chemtrail.de


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SKYWATCHERS UNITE. Update on the brave efforts of Swedish Green Party politician Pernilla Hagberg to raise the issue of Chemtrails to the public. VIDEO INTERVIEW www.youtube.com Facebook group www.facebook.com GSOC GO SWEDEN ON CHEMTRAILS Please join my Facebook group to support this lady. One of the first politicians in history to publicly address the issue of Chemtrails. Please send messages of support to her at Pernilla.Hagberg@yahoo.com and also show your support for her by emailing the Swedish embassy in your country and the Swedish Green Party. We have been complaining for years that no politicians address this so now is the chance to show how much we really care about our children and our environment, for real. Click like and subscribe and share the group and related videos also. This situation could lead to heights even we can't imagine. If the Swedish mainstream media are forced to address this then the Swedish public, (who are an extremely conscious environmentalist people), realise what is happening who knows where this might lead. It could snowball to a critical mass. What we've been hoping for for many years. We've always known that if enough people knew about Chemtrails and HAARP then it could be stopped. Now is your chance. Take it. patrick lynch PUBLIC TALK ON CHEMTRAILS www.youtube.com Thank you to host alex hunter of the ADVANCED ACTIVIST ADVISORY on TheseChangingTimezRadio.ning.com for having me as a guest on his broadcast. See alex hunter Facebook or ...

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: “HAARP” (FULL LENGTH)

WakeUpToTheNWO asked:

*** FULL LENGTH 44 MINUTE EPISODE *** (Season 1, Episode 1) "HAARP" Is it a communications research project or a doomsday weapon that can change the weather, shoot satellites out of orbit - and trigger mind control across the globe? Jesse Ventura and his team head north to a remote region of Alaska to confront the military installation called HAARP.