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9/11 Memorial Song, “In a Blink of an Eye” Performed by Scott Moore

ScottMoore606media asked:

Download/Buy Song: vibedeck.com 9/11 Memorial Song or for anyone who has lost a loved one suddenly without warning, without time to say good bye. I wrote this song after my best friend and song writing partner was murdered in his home studio. He was 24 years old. I was devastated, mad at the world and mad at God. During the following years I surprisingly survived a long bout of self- destructive behavior. I'm now a bit wiser I hope. Now on the 9/11 Ten year anniversary I see patriotism battling pessimism and conspiracy theories, but regardless of who is at fault of the collapse of the WTC what no one can deny is so many strangers serving other strangers! So It's sad and triumphant at the same time. I believe that's why we're here, to learn how to get along and help people that are not like ourselves. To me as I watched the YouTube videos of the 9/11 tragedy,what I saw was good triumphing over evil, and that's all we can really do is try to do good deeds- in good times and bad times while we're here until the next step. I was mysteriously driven to quickly create and post this. I hope it helps somebody remember to Kiss their kids, Kiss their loved ones, and make sure they know you love them. Godspeed means it's on his time not ours and your whole world can change in a blink of an eye.