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HD available in full screen: GOOD READ: GOD ONLY KNOWS ALL THE EVIL MAN HAS PERPETRATED IN THIS LIFE ON PLANET EARTH. RED ICE CREATIONS: www.redicecreations.com freemasonry.bcy.ca freemasonry.bcy.ca www.sirbacon.org

2012 Prophecy by Dominic Sola

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www.gate.net Download from God!!

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www.exposinghiddensecrets.com It's time to wake up from your hypnosis and realize what the hell is going on Earth. Come and join us today, support the movement before it's too late. http

2012 Prophecy VS. Illuminati Apocalypse Pt. 4 of 4

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"God and history will be the judge!"


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Now this doesnt mean he is illuminati...i personally dnt think he is and i hope that he isnt...yes this song could mean anything but only him and god knows the truth so plz dnt come on here arguing and stuff about it because no one is right untill lil wayne comes clean...the sub titles in the video isnt what i actually think he is saying its just what he could be saying...NO I DONT THINK HE IS IN THE ILLUMINATI ...HE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!! ENJOY THE VIDEO

Zionism – Part 1 (Introduction)

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Many Christians have been bullied into thinking that they must bless the modern day Israeli nation or God will curse them. This is an outright lie and distortion of the truth... Pastor Ben Heath www.ChristianOvercomers.com

The Illuminati Speaks!- Prince William and Kate Middleton

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The Reptile Sun King will wed a piece of human cattle to breed the next generation of our God-like rulers! Then, when we have finished with her she will be disposed of!

What Entheogens Taught Me About God

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What Entheogens Taught Me About God. Video by www.NeuroSoup.com This video is a Q and A session response.

Are the beliefs about celebrities being in “Illuminati” true?

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K, my friend who wants to be some sort of demonologist was talking about like that there are some celebrities on like MTV and stuff that are satan worshipers. Like the time when Kanye West interupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs, my friends says that that was like her initiation into the Illuminati. And that same day during Lady Gaga's performance she like gave a sort of blood "sacrifice" at the end of herr song, my friend says that it was real blood from a dead Illuminati member and that shes also a member. She also mentioned that Jay Z is part of it and that he thinks that he is god because if you put "hova" after "jay" it sounds like "jehova" which is hebrew for God.

So are all these things about Illuminati true?

Collective Unconscious vs. Godhead Part 1

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Collective Unconscious vs. Godhead Part 1. This video is a response to my What Entheogens Taught Me About God video and Hallucinogens or Reality Video. By www.NeuroSoup.com This video is a Q and A session response.