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Zionist New World Order (1858-2012)

mensrightsTV asked:

this videos was made upon request. Exposing 150 years of Zionism. Alot of people won't be happy, but, it's important to tell the truth. the relevant website is thegamelord.net The video is mainly inspired by existing material, but it's been made user friendly. And, the clips were carefully selected to demonstrate the point perfectly. Note that I am not a film maker. And, the Tim Wise section has original captions, unfortunately. But, it's a must see video if anyone wants to be informed about the potential evils of Jewish Zionism. Most importantly , why does the media cover-up events which are currently taking place ? The reason is because, they too are behind this conspiracy. Yes, the establishment, such as CNN, The New York Times, MSNBC, Newsweek, Time Magazine, and all the others have been instrumental in shaping our laws, policies, dictating levels of immigration, and where immigration will originate. It's seems very strange that the Media has become a Governing body. And, ultimately, there's a conspiracy to dominate your lives completely. We're not talking about a 9-11 conspiracy, using weapons. But the Media has been slowly altering your mindset. It's quite similar to Nazi and Soviet tactics. They literally Own you. And, your entire thought process derives from Social Marxism, Critical Theory, NeoStatism, and 2nd generation Communism. In simple terms: They've won your hearts and your minds.