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Bluebeam Proof or Alien life Proof or Government projects you judge

sera0001 asked:

Update - our new site - www.truvisiontube.com Rare are videos like this found. This is proof to many of you asking me to make a video to show we are not alone. There is always the chance it is Bluebeam, however from all my research I would believe that we are not alone. That does not rule out bluebeam, but makes things a little more complicated then before. This video is self explanatory. If any of you can disagree with the video and say its all explainable then you should not be on this channel. We know the government lies, and so does NASA. So then what are they hiding? The truth is much worse then you think, and would blow your mind. It would be wise that those of you who are weaker minded do not travel down to far in the rabbit whole, for its a trip you can never return from, and even I wish I had not walked so blindly into that deep whole. But the up side... The truth will set you FREE! The world is changing and you better keep up or get left behind. My videos will continue to get stronger and strike at the heart of the lies that have been told to us. I will continue to build up the network and the EDF as well as TruVision and all other projects I am working on. I will prove to be a equally large pain to the New World Order and The Illuminati as they have been for ALL of us. WHO IS WITH ME! This is a battle, the world needs heroes with a clear mind and the integrity to stand up to the tyrants in power. Man,Demon,Alien,God,Satan,Jesus,Azazel,E lohim,Yeshua, What ever ...

Jordan Maxwell Strikes at the NWO pick your side!

Earthlasthope2 asked:

This piece shows more proof that our leaders want a NWO... It will NEVER be a good thing... Too much power given to wrong people creates mass genocide. It creates WAR. Stand and fight with the EDF. We are building momentum. People like Jordan Maxwell are VERY important...Listen to them and try to back them for as long as you can before they are killed like William Cooper God bless your soul William....RIP