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Is there any legal precedent for using a psychic to obtain a search warrant for private property?

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I am working on a hypothetical where a search warrant was obtained to search a house, private property, of drugs, by using the prediction of a psychic that has a 99% success rate. After the warrant was obtained, the drugs were seized. The question is whether the owners 4th amendment rights were violated and is the evidence was illegally seized. I was wondering if there were any court cases at the local or federal level that are loosely along these lines.

what chemicals or drugs do you think the us government is giving people to increase there psychic abilities?

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The us goverment is giving there remote viewers speical drugs to inhance and increase there psychic ability.Do you know of any drugs or chemicals that can do this.
Its amasing what you read over the net.Somethings need to remain secret.Some secrets need to be released.