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PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Keep in mind that all of this reasearch I have done from "other" sources could absolutely be a load of rubbish. Some sources refer to Elenin as Nibiru or Planet X or the Blue Star Kachina (Hopi) but like I said, do your own research and come up with your own conclusions. 2012 - The Truth You're NOT Being Told www.youtube.com Awakening As One ~ The Quickening vimeo.com About The Photon Belt www.salemctr.com www.heartcom.org Keisha Crowther ~ Little Grandmother www.youtube.com vimeo.com Delores Cannon: 2012 The Mayan Calendar and 5D Earth www.youtube.com UFO's www.youtube.com Hopi www.youtube.com Elenin Warning September 2011 (Part 1 of 2) www.youtube.com David Wilcock ~ Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age There are 4 parts to this and you will find them all on youtube. Heres Part 1: www.youtube.com