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Occult Symbolism (1 of 8)

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Alex Jones, followed by a Russian film crew, travels to England, Canada and tours his own home city of Austin Texas, and brings to light startling examples of how the Illuminati's hidden codes of communication are littered everywhere, so long as you know how to look. From the sacrificial world war tombs offered to the goddesses in London, to the owl sat atop the Frost Bank building in Austin, to the masonic underpinnings of the Texas Peace Officers' Memorial, Jones decodes the mystery religion of the elite and identifies the same strands of control that bind three different countries under the spell of the new world order. Alex explains the secret origins of the intelligence agencies and discusses his infiltration of Bohemian Grove and how the elite cult reacted to his highly publicized raid. Alex goes into further detail than ever before about his daring trip into the unknown, talks about the homosexual connections to the Republican elite, delves into the nature of the rituals conducted during the cremation of care ceremony, and discusses the threats he received in the aftermath of the infiltration. www.infowars.com http www.truthnews.us