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Field day 2009 bonus haarp control room

KE7RIP asked:

Setup and operation Sat and part of Sunday. www.pocatelloarc.org Somewhere in the middle is a modified exercise bike that has an alternator strapped to it for peddle power and recharging. More information can be found on projects like it bu goggling for it. i don't have the call sign of the local owner on hand. And towards the end i have internal shots of the control room for Alaskta's Haarp emitter array. www.haarp.alaska.edu High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

Fritz Springmeier – Trauma Based Mind Control 4of6

manny69u asked:

Fritz Springmeier is probably the worlds foremost authority on the bloodlines of the Illuminati and the techniques they employ to create a mind controlled slave. His books on mind control (co-authored with former Illuminati programmer Cisco Wheeler) are without peer in depth, rigorous detail, and uncompromising accuracy. His lecture on the Illuminati and mind control given at the Granada Forum in 1998 was the best and most astute presentation on the subject. Naturally, anyone who exposes the Illuminatis underbelly with Fritzs level of adroitness is going to come under attack by the Little Minions on the internet and from the justice system, which usually has no trouble in conjuring up a suitable charge to fit the frame. Fritz Springmeier has done nothing but give, give, and give some more, in the interest of educating the uninformed and unwary of this country of the diabolical agenda of the Illuminated Ones and has attempted mightily to expose their treachery before all is lost.

Jay Z Under Illuminati Control

FarFromDanK asked:

The rapper is under the name Bizzle A Christian Rapper Who exposed Jay-Z!! Its so obvious about Jay Z agenda, whoever doesnt see this they must be blind and deaf. May the Lord help these lost souls. We need to awaken and realise what's truly going on in the world. Reality is not what it may seem.