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Timothytrespas:Goodbye forever? Moving, murder, mind control, loss of internet, landlord problems

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Timothytrespas:Goodbye forever? Moving, murder, mind control, loss of internet, landlord problems a targeted individual speaks. We are being forced to move again! As sick as we are I may not have it in me to survive many more moves.(10 in less than 3 years) being sick murdered by morgellons secret nano-weapon and remote neural connection and microwave radiation, and god-only-knows what else, and it is only a matter of time before I fall down dead. My nice landlord has turned into a child like jerk, disconnecting the Internet to force confrontation. I've seen this too many times. People who were once nice become evil and mean spirited. It is such a shame. and most people can not even believe it exists, let alone understand how it works or admit that THEY may be under the influence of mind control, active denial, etc. I will keep trying to vlog from my phone for now. Or get wifi wherever I can. Do the morgellons wine/grape juice test and see if YOU have it TOO! Thanks

children on Earth 2012 ! population control starvation and war SOS AFRICA ASIA. ?!

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Over 4 million children under five die every year due to malnutrition. And nearly 200 million children under five are growing less than normal and are ill because of malnutrition. More than a third of the nearly 9 million children who die of pneumonia, diarrhea and other diseases would have...

Alex Jones Says That Tragic Shooting Was a Mind Control Conspiracy and He’s Not to Blame

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Well, here we go again. A tragic event occurs and Alex is telling everyone that it was a government staged "false flag" event manufactured so the New World Order can "take yeeer guns". Nice one, Alex. Real nice. Oh, and Alex also claims that the shooting will be blamed on him because the CIA or whoever will plant stuff on the lunatic psychopath's computer implicating Jones and his batshit insane conspiracy show. Well, Alex if you turn out to be correct about that -- and I wouldn't be half surprised if this mental case did watch Alex Jones -- then that whole 'Joker incident' will be a bit, erm, embarrassing, won't it?


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They get the Money almost free from the Federal Reserve and loan it to foreign countries because they are LOANING THE MONEY TO THEIR FRIENDS to accomplish their plans for a NEW WORLD ORDER so they can CONTROL THE WORLD and we are paying for it. Federal Reserve money is our Money, our Tax Money, our Savings. They are going to Drain Us Dry by Inflation to accomplish World Domination for the few Elite