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1 HAARP conspiracy decoded! High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

HAARP conspiracy is High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program Im going to decode HAARP for you guys, "HAARP" harp is not classified as per the website. They go on to say there are no classified documents pertaining to HAARP. They say; the Environmental Impact Process "EIP" docs have always been, are now, & will always be completely descriptive of the program in its entirety. The EIP documents are a matter of public record. Now I agree with this to a part, I believe the HAARP technology ...

Libertarian Fascist Fake Conspiracy New World Order Remix

FoxMulderXFOxx asked:

Libertarian Fascist Ron Paul Alex Jones Aaron Russo Fake Conspiracy New World Order Remix i was FoxMulderXFO. i got deleted months ago but several of you might remember me. my friend, Lyssa, (VampiressOnDaProwl) has put some vids up i was originally going to put up months ago but was disillusioned with YouTube after the obvious anti-Democratic way they deleted me, after being on YouTube for three years with no complaints, which was a Karl-Rovian biased attack by Libertarian "Conspiracy ...

Alex Jones on Fox News Regarding DC Madam Palfrey’s Murder

Fox News' Geraldo has 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones on to examine the evidence that shows that DC Madam Deborah Jean Palfrey was murdered-- despite the official claim that she committed suicide.

Jones points out the numerous statements Palfrey made in refutation of suicide, as well as the criminology that women rarely hang themselves, generally preferring pills.

Geraldo and two co-hosts admit they agree with Alex Jones-- that claims of Palfrey's suicide are "stinky" and suspicious and that the case should be further investigated.

One woman even says that the John's on Palfreys list-- including many high-level politicians-- should be revealed and prosecuted.

Palfrey's hi-rise apartment manager in Florida says he saw Palfrey only days before her death when she told him a contract may be out on her life. Additionally, she made arrangments to secure her apartment for the next six years-- the approximate time she expected to be in prison--seemingly pointing to the idea that she expected to stay alive.