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Post-Apocalyptic Geography for Dummies

identifiedflyingship asked:

Extended Version ⇒ youtu.be This is post-Apocalyptic Geography for beginners. The Apocalypse may be brought about by a collision between Earth and Nibiru. Comet Elenin came from the cluster of heavenly bodies that includes Planet X, also known as Tyche, Wormwood, Kachina, and by the ancient Sumerians as Nibiru. Any sudden acceleration of the pole shift that is already underway that might occur in 2012 or later could mean the end of the world as we know it, a virtual doomsday as far as most of the human race is concerned. But these Last Days, these End Times, don't have to be the End for everyone. Whether this global even occurs on December 21, 2012 or not is less relevant than the fact that the end is near. Whether it is planet Nibiru or HAARP that literally turns the world upside down, FEMA, part of the New World Order, engineered by the Illuminati, will not be there to help you. They will be there to dispose of your remains after they intentionally fail to warn the public. You will not see it on the news first, nor will you see Nibiru up close for very long before it is upon us.