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batman conspiracy

AnOrdinaryAmerican1 asked:

Music Thanks and Attribution to Kevin Macleod incomptech.com Is it a coincidence that a big, expensive-to-make Hollywood movie with a BLAH reaction in ticket sales got a huge marketing boost with the alleged Colorado Shootings? And wow, they had the bad guy in less than 24 hours (the lone crazy gunman of course) blasting his picture all over the internet and television before he is tried in court. How original ...so Hollywood. We don't know. What do you think?

Just Coincidence? – Freemasons – Illuminati EXPOSED – Open your Mind – TRUTH – Part 4 of 5

theanswerman69 asked:

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Jesse Ventura HAARP

Imbeffie asked:

This is taken from the Jessie Ventura's TV Series on HAARP. HAARP could have been used to cause the Haiti earthquake in order to help with a total take-over, but that's just my opinion. ALSO, maybe it's just a VERY BIG coincidence that SOUTHCOM performed a pre-disaster simulation, incase of a hurricane in Haiti, in Miami ONE DAY prior to Haiti's Jan 12, 2010 7.0 earthquake! You tell me...

How can i control my psychic ability?

psychic control

Alright, I've been having these dreams for years about random bits and pieces of conversations that happen weeks to months in the future. So far, all of these 'visions' have been completely accurate except for one and only the location was wrong on it but everything else was correct. I know this is not just coincidence because it has happened several times. Does anyone have any advice or tips that could help me control these visions, so that i can begin to help others with planning for what their future holds?

Illuminati Symbolism: It’s Everywhere

NsaneSk8er007 asked:

music is New World Order By So Out There. This symbolism is a slap to the face for the people of the world. A handful of elitists infect the system with these symbols as well as corporations and every day products. I'm not saying that none of these are coincidence as some of them likely are, I am just begging the question, are they deliberate? Next time you come across these occult symbols ask yourself, why is this being plastered all over the world by rich corporations and being displayed ...

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