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(MUST SEE!) London Olympics 2012 Illuminati Card Game NWO Zion False Flag Attack?.avi

AsPinkAsAPanther asked:

5 men wearing shirts that has the same coulors as the olympic rings. Big Ben in this card is blown up. So what does this tell us? This might be a hidden message from Steven Jackson(the creater of the Illuminati card game) that something will happen under the Olympic games in London 2012. New clue in the illuminati card? www.youtube.com Song name: The Electronic Hole - 03 - The Golden Hour Part III

9 |11 The Big Clue Everyone Missed

Sa4Ry asked:

By bravehartmman : Within 30 mins of WTC2 being hit many American mainstream news corps were giving out Bin laden's name as a suspect and the complete run-down on Al Qaeda and the Taliban along with the reasons for the collapse itself ! Who would have the power to organise that these experts were put on TV that morning ? Who would have an interest in having that information giving out to the public so quickly ? Find that out and you got the killers! Rate comment and forward ! SOME LINKS OF INTEREST BELOW ! www.stwr.org www.protest.net www.youtube.com www.zeitgeistmovie.com http www.prisonplanet.com http www.jordanmaxwell.com www.jackiscool89 www.nwo.nl educate-yourself.org... http www.conspiracyplanet... http www.conspiracyarchiv... http www.illuminati-news.com http www.dontglobalisehun... http thetruthmovement.net www.threeworldwars.com http www.godlikeproductio... http freemasonrywatch.org www.conspiracycafe.net http gideonz.tripod.com http