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The Illuminati Explained – A MUST SEE – Explains the Conspiracy and the Evidence

Xendrius asked:

www.youtube.com The 25 Illuminati goals. Hundreds of pages of documentation is found in the book "Pawns in the Game" by William Guy Carr (Dead). www.jesus-is-savior.com Some extremely ignorant people believe the "angels and demons" version of the Illuminati, which is a 100% work of fiction and has nothing to do with documented history, this is the real, non sugar coated version and everything in this audio is zero claims but 100% facts. Some idiots claim the Illuminati is atheistic, when they could hardly make it more obvious that they are satanic, not because they want to destroy christianity, but because demons are at the top, thus Lucifer's Eye at the top of the pyramid overseeing the conspiracy (unfinished pyramid). The video seems to buffer slowly, so let it buffer before watching. Refer this´╗┐ to anyone who is ignorant of the Illuminati or that wants evidence or documentation because this video tells you where to find it. Even the most ignorant sheep cannot refute this information. 3:00 Illuminati behind UN and CFR 11:50 How they control American politicians 18:00 Illuminati exposed in Germany

911, RFID, Illuminati and Christianity — Zeitgeist, pt 1

2012Consciousness asked:

science-philosophy-life.blogspot.com Zeitgeist is one of the most popular New World Order videos on the internet. It links Christianity to the Illuminati to the New World Order and the horror thereof, such as the ritual bombing of the World Trade Centre on 9 2001, as well as microchipped people, which will be the crowning glory of the New World Order. That is, if we don't resist it, and pass on this crucial information!



Why would Freemasons make up Christianity? Don't they do satanic rituals and stuff? If the bible tells people to be good and give every respect to God and not to the world and the Illuminati tells you to live in fear of the world so they can get paid from your fear, isn't that the opposite? What would they stand to gain from your non-fear? The Bible says that through Christ, you are not bound by the law so you should not fear it. How does me talking to my God and him answering through circumstance prove that a bunch of humans made up my faith? O'h maybe the USA government has been around in biblical times.(sarcasm). If Christianity is Mason-made, how do you explain separation of church and state? Why would the government want to take Jesus out of school and everything else?
I'm not paranoid I only choose not to hide from the truths I recognize.