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Philippine Manila Illuminati New World Order ( How to Fight the New World Order ) Part 2 of 2

2012HumanAscension asked:

Spirituality is the weapon against the New World Order. We cannot develop spirituality until we understand that we are being manipulated, we must learn how the manipulation is set up, and by whom. Our collective thoughts are immense energies that manifest our world, fear defines our world today. The Spirit is Immortal and the Spirit is YOU ! You are not your Body and YOU are not your brain or your mind. No matter what the Illuminati does, they cannot kill YOU. YOU are the IMMORTAL SPIRIT. With this the battle has already been won ! Gising mga KAPATID ! Wake UP MANILA ! (Pictures for Educational Purposes only)

Mind Control Overview, Hypnosis, CIA MKUltra, Psychiatry, Conspiracy Theory, Psychology

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This is a wide screen version of "Mind Control, Psychology of Brainwashing, Sex & Hypnosis". The video has been remastered in 16:9 wide screen. Editing errors have been corrected as well. Search Terms, Mind Control Overview Hypnosis CIA MKUltra Psychiatry Conspiracy Theory Psychology mass media brainwashing sex youtube hypno brain washing

Inseminoid (trailer)

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Let's get one thing straight right from the get go. Norman J. Warren's "Inseminoid" is not a poor man's "Alien". No, that would be "Galaxy of Terror" or "Forbidden World", or possibly maybe even the 1985 Klaus Kinski craptacular "Creature". "Inseminoid" isn't even close to being that good. "Inseminoid" is actually the poor man's poor man "Creature". Stop reading this for one minute and try to wrap your brain around that statement. Are we on the same page now? Okay, great. You have never seen acting as dismal and/or disinterested and/or insanely over-the-top as you will see in "Inseminoid". You have never seen cheaper, more poorly realized outer space sets or costumes or special effects in any motion picture outside of fanboy home movie night at a fantasy film con. And you will never again be more bored and/or dropped-jaw riveted to the screen as you will be when you watch this motion picture. And to make matters even worse, it's British. Five stars.