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MissTilaTequila asked:

UPDATE: THE "OTHERS" HACKED AND DELETED MY BLOG WHERE I POSTED UP ALL THE PROOF REGARDING WHAT I SAID IN THIS VIDEO! GO TO MY NEW WEBSITE (WHICH THEY ALSO TRIED TO TAKE DOWN BUT I PUT IT BACK) HERE IT IS: misstilaomg.com -THis is only the beginning. Please, please, please if you want to find out more truths I am about to unleash, then please subscribe to my mailing list at: blog.tilashotspot.com this way you can keep in touch with me and also know when my official Truth Blog at www.anonymoustruthblog.com will be launching as well as subscribe to my youtube channel. These are dire times that causes for extreme measures! All of the proof I have posted on my website so go there now to see for yourself! Also please dont' forget to continue reposting everything everywhere as much as you can!!!! Love, Miss Tila

What Is The Illuminati ? – Illuminati Nedir ?

Illuminati Members asked:

VISIT MY BLOG FOR MORE INFORMATION ON "WHAT IS THE ILLUMINATI?": membersofilluminati.blogspot.com A lot of people keep asking the question; " What is the Illuminati " so in reply to that, hopefully this video will help to answer some of your questions. membersofilluminati.blogspot.com What is the Illuminati or Illuminati Nedir

Chemtrails HAARP Proof New World Order takeover 2012 revolution in the middle east

MrChrisfranko asked:

A few friends and I were riding down the road, and we noticed all of these chemtrails above us. What are these chemtrails and why are they in the air. They lingered for a few hours before dissipating. Are chemtrails used in tandem with HAARP to cause unrest in Libya and Egypt? If so why? Oil? Will this help lead to 2012? More info about chemtrails (modified contrails) www.dailymotion.com Check out my blog. christopher-chaos.blogspot.com

Louisiana Christmas 2008

tferguson567 asked:

"Christmas Offering" is from the Peace on Earth album by Casting Crowns - the BEST in Christmas albums. The pics are mostly from the New Orleans City Park Celebration in the Oaks.A few are from our home; the Merry Christmas sign is made by my bro-in-law Wesley LeBlanc. The pictures are FULL of CHRISTmas symbolism that you'll have to visit my blog for the full understanding: usmarinemama.spaces.live.com I wish EVERYONE Christmas Blessings. I hope you enjoy MY Christmas Offering to my King!