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chemtrails and open air testing (biowarfare)

hijackednation asked:

A look at these chemtrails. This is a huge topic and this video just covers the basic surface of this issue. Nobody knows what these things are exactly, but they are not normal. I made certain to establish the fact that the government has done biological open air testing in the beginning because the rest of the chemtrail info is shunned by the mainstream media and establishment. Stuff we find the truth out about 50 yrs later or so. The part about the monkeys and tulermia bacteria spraying (chemtrails) in the atoll islands is from the CDC's own documentary "history of bioterrorism" This was the vid I was working on when I ran into the pneomonic plague scare .. Some articles have surfaced saying it isnt pneumonic plague , but not enough information is yet available to come up with any kind of conclusions concerning that topic.