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ADAM WATT never saw it coming. While on remand at Silverwater jail in October, he was attacked from behind by another inmate swinging a metal sandwich press hidden in a pillowcase. The first blow knocked Mr Watt unconscious. As he lay motionless, his assailant took another swing, striking him in the head. The blows from the 5 kilogram appliance left Mr Watt with head injuries and tore off part of his right ear. He was given the last rites and underwent surgery. The attack was captured on the prison's CCTV. His assailant has not been charged. Mr Watt, 42, a three-time world champion kickboxer, is still in custody awaiting trial on drug conspiracy charges. Refusing him bail following the assault, a Supreme Court judge, Megan Latham, said appropriate Corrective Services procedures appeared to have been followed but, regrettably, violence between prisoners could not always be foreseen or prevented. Craig Behr did not survive a prison assault. The 24-year-old was fatally bashed in Long Bay in 2004, soon after being locked in a cell with an inmate, Michael Heatley, who had previously expressed homicidal urges. The Supreme Court judge who jailed the killer for 14 years found Behr was placed in Heatley's cell ''as a consequence of both systemic and individual failures'' - 1 JAN 2010