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WTF IS GOING ON IN OUR WORLD! Chemtrails, liquid crystals, EMF, orbs ARCHON MIND PARASITES

tsaklar asked:

**CRITICAL UPATE** IT'S ALL LED TO THIS--a journey culminating into something of wonder. First - we are being SETUP big-time; decades of desensitizing us to chemtrails & false clouds consisting of LIQUID CRYSTALS; designed to play off of our "5-sense" mentality & believe theatrics on the screen in our home & sky. Next I was incorrect- these entities are NOT reptilian; they are ELECTROMAGNETIC mind-parasites -- I can see them, documented by the GNOSTICS 1k's of years ago dubbed THE ARCHONS, wiped clean from history by the Roman-Catholic --Archon-Empire. This is a mind-game, manipulating our beliefs in order for them manifestation in our reality via our forgotten power to CREATE. How is it I have gone toe-to-toe with "them" for so long? BELIEF...FAITH. WE HAVE THE POWER to CHANGE IT ALL. THINK the world of our dreams; IMAGINE the transformation; love & light to all; BELIEVE in yourself. BELIEVE in your DREAMS, & REMEMBER your POWER to CREATE. It's critical to perform your own research on the very real power belief has on our reality. This power has been gifted to all of us & studies in science & medicine about this are so compelling it's important to boost one's confidence around this, or in other words to help one gain belief in themself. Additional Resources about the POWER OF BELIEF: Dr. Emoto's research on the affect thoughts & emotions have on the molecular structure of water - www.youtube.com Bruce Lipton's research on the Biology of Belief - www.youtube.com Wave ...