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Satanism in hip hop Encore Edition pt3 (Lil Wayne reps Antichrist)

KijaniAmariAK asked:

Lil Wayne represents antichrist in Drop the World. Benjamin Creme announced Maitreya has arrived on the world stage as an ordinary man and he has already begun his work. Time will only tell when he shall reveal his true self to the world...SATAN in the flesh. What do you think?

Anonymous:Dear Internet

mayhem2012anonymous asked:

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World Ecumenical Movement for a One World Religion

anonymoustruther2 asked:

We have noted that the ecumenical movement plays a key role in forming the Antichrist's world religion, which will be a paganized Christianity such as was developed under Constantine and became Roman Catholicism. It is therefore not surprising that behind the scenes, the Catholic Church has been pushing ecumenism for years. It is not only drawing the "separated brethren" of Protestantism back into the fold, but uniting all religions under Rome, as Revelation 17 indicates. The current pope is the leader of worldwide ecumenism. As such he presents an altogether different picture from the inflexible dogmatist determined to convert the world to Catholicism that most people imagine a pope to personify. On the contrary, John Paul II has taken the initiative in contacting leaders of the world's religions, accepts them as working toward the same goals of social justice, ecological wholeness and world peace, suggests that their prayers are as effective as those of Catholics, and has not attempted to convert any of them. He seems content to be acknowledged as the spiritual leader of the world's religions uniting for peace. Such a stance on the part of the Pope is entirely consistent with the religious system he represents. As we document in Whatever Happened to Heaven?, Catholicism was formed through a union of "Christianity" and paganism and has always adapted itself to whatever religion it Christianized. Haiti, for example, is said to be 85 percent Catholic and 110 percent Voudun ...

Los illuminati II, La Conspiración Anticristo, en español Parte 2

wecanstopnwo asked:

The Antichrist Conspiracy, Documental de Chris Everard del 2006, es el segundo volumen de Los Illuminati, subtitulado al español. Para descargar el documental versión corregida: www.megaupload.com Por partes: Parte 1: www.megaupload.com Parte 2: www.megaupload.com Parte 3: www.megaupload.com Parte 4: www.megaupload.com

Antichrist Illuminati Obama New World Order Agenda 2012 Exposed

ParanormalFilm asked:

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