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USA 2011 New York Police Arrest 700 Occupy Wall Street Protesters October 01 NEW WORLD ORDER !

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USA 2011 new york Police Arrest American Revolutionary Occupy Wall Street Protesters NEW WORLD ORDER ! brooklyn bridge arrest police arrest protesters occupy wall street Afghanistan (300) Albania (94) Algeria (78) Andorra (94) Angola (49) Antigua and Barbuda (107) Argentina (2175)...

What’s 9/11? Afghans never heard of NYC terror

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Images from 9/11 are still chilling, even 10 years after the attacks shook the world. They triggered the so-called war on terror. But in the country that's been at the forefront of that war, it can be hard to find people who remember why foreign troops arrived in the first place. We continue our special coverage of the 9/11 anniversary, with this report from Afghanistan. RT on Twitter: twitter.com RT on Facebook: www.facebook.com