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911 Memorial in Downtown Jersey City,New Jersey (2009)

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911 Attacks en.wikipedia.org World Trade Center en.wikipedia.org Satellite map view of where the World Trade Center use to be maps.google.com Jersey City en.wikipedia.org Satellite map view of Down Town Jersey City where the Memorial is maps.google.com

911 Memorial ((Halo)) Beyonce

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REMEMBERING 9-11 saddest time our country ever faced, hundred upon hundreds died, heros were born from the ashes or the fallen ones, everyone was and is loved and missed God Bless

911 memorial

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911 Memorial NYC

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These are photos I took using a Minolta Camera with 35 MM Film. I retook these pictures using my Digital to upload and share on YT as the 10th Year Anniversary of 911 draws near. This is how it was in my neighborhood the day after the attack. I live 2 miles from the site and it was months before the pieces of humanity and death stopped visibly circulating in the air only to be inhaled as everyone cried.

911 Memorial at the Iowa State Capitol

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John McKeighan of 100.3 The Bus, soldiers and other volunteers place some of the nearly 3000 flags on the Capitol lawn to honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

911 Memorial Video

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911 Memorial Video

911 Memorial

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New York 911 Memorial weekend

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I visited "Ground Zero" in remembrance of 911. Let us not forget our liberty, those who suffer and those who gave.

9/07/11 William Henry: 911 Memorial Secret Symbolism – P2 of 3

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911 Memorial Video

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10 Years On - From The Day New York Experienced Two Terrorist Airborne Collision Into The World Trade Center. Also a Collision Into The Pentagon and a Crash in a Pennysylvanian Forest. Thousands Of People Died, and the Heroic Firemen Who Served for the Salvation of Others Lives, Perished in The Collapse Of The Towers and Died Heroicly. This Video is In Memory Of the Ones Who Died and the Ones Who Gave Their Lives For Others. The Terrorists Who Commited This Appalling Act, have Showed Weakness, and Extreme Disrespect to a Great Country and Will be Cast Into the Hells Of Satan For Their Sinful Deeds. Thank You, and - We Will Remember You - 911