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911 Memorial in Downtown Jersey City,New Jersey (2009)

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911 Attacks en.wikipedia.org World Trade Center en.wikipedia.org Satellite map view of where the World Trade Center use to be maps.google.com Jersey City en.wikipedia.org Satellite map view of Down Town Jersey City where the Memorial is maps.google.com

The 911 Memorial App

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Steven Rosenbaum, director of 7 days in September, comes on SteveGarfield.tv with Steve Garfield, stevegarfield.com to discuss his latest project with 9/11 a App Book. www.the911memorialapp.magnify.net Check out SteveGarfield.tv every Thursday at 2 pm ET for all of Steve's insight on the online video world at www.thepulsenetwork.com and check out past episodes of the show at thepulsenetwork.com