The renegade intelligence officer born on July 19th 1936 joined the newly formed C.I.A in 1951, becoming famous for whistleblowing on C.I.A

“Black operations” now called Executive actions has died aged 73..

It is often said that;

“Success has many fathers, but failure is always an orphan”

and black operations by their very nature have to have cut outs, with no fathers,

this is called “plausible denial “

Oliver North is on record as saying that; “when acting illegally, in destabilizing any leader or regime, always point the finger of blame elsewhere”

and Philip Agee became increasingly alarmed at U.S interference in South America, and U S financing and training of death squads in the general area, the allowing of massive drug shipments by these regimes across the world, plus the massacre of Mexican student protestors in 1968, with the C.I A sponsorship of the Czech rebellion the same year, where the then C I A then abandoned the Czechs to the Soviet invaders,

this upset him deeply.

In 1975 he published the landmark book; “Inside the company, a C I A diary “

He claimed that Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay Guatemala and El Salvador

Were C I A backed repressive regimes, and then moved to London when his life was threatened, and Henry Kissenger asked British P M James Callaghan, to deport him for trial to the U.S.A. in 1977, in order to bolster the accusations, as often happens anything unsolved was put onto his sheet, including the deaths of two British intell operatives.

Philip Agee moved round Europe to avoid being sent to the States, and wrote in the;

“Covert Action Bulletin” of American misuse of power, and in his book;

“ On the run” published in 1977 he told of being constantly followed and harassed,

In later years his security file said 3 operatives watched his movements round the clock.

In 1975 Richard Welsh, the Athens station chief was assassinated, this was blamed on Agee by C.I.A. boss George Bush Snr, but was said internally to be left wing activists,

assisted by a Soviet technical team.

It was also said that the spate of Soviet bloc agents working for the west that went missing overnight was down to Phillip Agee,

when later it was proved to be Aldrich Ames.

The deeper issue here is that many who sign up to work and fight for their country, later become disillusioned with the lies corruption illegality and incompetence,

In Britain almost 3000 soldiers have had the courage to desert the army after what they saw in Iraq, the feeling that these men joined up to defend their country, not fight faked up wars for Israel, but few would have the stomach of Philip Agee to continue for several years publicizing the wrongs of U S foreign policy, and C I A connivance in major crimes, even when under the death sentence.

T Stokes London

With thanks to M.I 6 insiders


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