UK Illuminati Sex Trafficking

The war on terror has taken a new turn,

and Operation Ore the world wide hunt which saw many internet pedophiles prosecuted, has led to Operation Radium, which is the British national security campaign against the British government allowing the trafficking of women and children into Britain for the sex industry.

Detective Chief Inspector Kevin Vanterpool in charge at Cambridge shire,

Raided 119 mafia brothels, some girls claimed they had to service 60 clients a day, and 5 showed signs of torture, figures vary for arrests from 41 to 57, but the people who run the premises are never found, only the person in charge at that one house.

The Ely Standard of July 10th 2008 ran the article where a Chinese female masseuse ran a house and police seized her client lists and bank books, showing she banked last year 81,000 pounds and had an expensive car and lifestyle, she was jailed for 15 months.

The Russian mafia boss Ivan Lukaszewski consistently denies using children in their brothels, and claim they are just fulfilling a need supplying women and rent boys, and say that other mafias and gangs also operate freely in Britain, and do use children, he says his money is made up from supplying half price labour to the factories and farms in the area, and that the British government itself is responsible for people trafficking,

Starting from bringing in Caribbean’s after the devastation after W.W.II

Many senior Russian mafia operatives live in the Norfolk Kings Lyn area, where the New Labour M.P George Turner some 10 years ago, foolishly agreed to huge numbers of Soviet Bloc refugees coming to the area in exchange for more local funding from central government, a promise which never materialized.

Russian millionaires with questionable credentials are said to have given substantial financial donations to New Labour.

Cambridge shire Constabulary head Paul Fullwood said, “these forced into sex acts are in a horrible practice and it must be stamped out”

Particularly targeted for blackmail are those who work at the local airbases and have access to secrets, the war on terror is presently gearing up to warn these personnel, but more and more workers at the factories with technical knowledge, teachers, policemen and a senior evangelical preacher are on the files and are also laying themselves open to blackmail by visiting these establishments.

Underground gambling dens, offer a free servicing for big winners at selected brothels, where the money is then reclaimed often by force, and similar tactics are seen at mafia run dogfights where huge monetary sums change hands in betting and blackmail.

One arrested man at a brothel, claimed the brothels were a good thing, and that everyone was entitled to a sex life, and that the girls must be treated better and the trend for Saturdays is for many men to go to a football match then a takeaway and a few beers and end with a relaxing brothel visit.

N.W. Cambridge shire and joint vice chairman of the all-party group on women and children trafficking, Shailesh Vara said; ”it is a tragedy that in the same year we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of transatlantic slavery, we allow this awful slavery on our own doorstep.

Gambling prostitution and blackmail have always been the stock in trade of the Soviet K.G.B. many of these men are now back in Britain again, as businessmen and gangmasters.

We ignore them at our peril.

T Stokes London

With thanks to special branch

Women against

Ivan Lukaszewski


Chief Constable Julie Spence


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