The Common Assessment Framework, is like the ECM plan, (Every Child matters)

part of the sinister British Merlin data base which feeds in to the Whitehall children’s scheme known as Contact Point.

We have already seen with Common Purpose that they are anti-democratic, and these three schemes, C.A.F. Common Purpose and E.C.M are a hydra headed New Labour plan to manipulate children’s growth, development and natural sexuality through education and indoctrination.

The C.A.F is an 8 page 60 question paper which will shortly be in compulsory use,

by teachers social workers sports coaches nursery workers and police.

The intimate questions cover children’s sexual behavior and preferences, their views on discrimination, race and friends views racial and sexual orientation with their secret fears and feelings, family income culture religion and any parental difficulties.

This mass of info will be incorporated into I.D. cards and available to all who work in government positions.

The Russian mafia boss Ivan Lukaszewski has said they are already gearing up to forge these I.D. cards and they can even duplicate the internal silver strip that will track everyone by satellite.

DEVELOPMENT SCREENING is a file in use since the Scarman report, and anyone applying for a government job with what may be deemed any right wing views at any time in the past will be excluded, those with left wing views are exempt and not discriminated against, the C.A.F is seen as an extension of this Marxist thinking, and is anti-white and heterophobic.

Tony Blair 5 years ago insisted T V bosses include positive story lines for homosexuals, and this has been done across the board with soaps and Big Brother programmes, and comedy is seen as the first roadway to change pubic opinion, in all cases the term “gay” must be used for homosexuals, comedians and pop stars actually receive positive discrimination in the same way black and brown people were, and recently people have been known to pretend to be gay or coloured to get job preference.

The security hand scanning devices developed by Hitachi means everyone will have to have their hands scanned when entering shops doctors surgeries and airport terminals, and preparatory plans also exist at Tesco’s for food purchases and entry for all public buildings, the new toll roads coming in soon will have hand scan machines and I D card scans if they want to leave the area, a Rothschild plan exists for toll roads to have people scanned for payment.

Politician John Prescott has claimed that part of the plan to break up the U.K is to have England separated into 8 regional zones, and leaving and entering will involve permission a fee a scan and a pass.

N.L.P or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a sort of manipulative mind hypnosis, this has been ordered by Peter Mandelson to be used in all coming government advertisements for T V. to give spin to data collection activities.

New Labour minister Margaret Hodge has her signature on much of this paperwork, and failure to cooperate with the schemes could mean your children are taken away, such people as Christians have already been refused as foster parents and are being increasingly labeled as racist, and suggestions already exist for the taking into care of the children of racists.

Never before have so many Intel personnel been off sick so low is the moral with stuff like this coming in, and those studying the changes claim they are anti-family, anti-children anti-heterosexuality and anti democratic.

T Stokes London


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